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"Go for the Paris Hilton jokes, stay for the close reading of a bond prospectus."      
Monetizing Emma was presented this summer by New World Arts in Indiana and Chicago.

"If you'd like to imagine a return to boom times, or if you just enjoy good theater, Monetizing Emma is a strong buy."

"Monetizing Emma is polished and brimming."    
"an entertaining and gratifying work."  
"Filled with laughs and good writing, Monetizing Emma is a well-developed and enjoyable FringeNYC show to see this season."    
Interview with playwright Felipe Ossa "bold, ingenious"  
  "engaging with dashes of humor"  
Interview with playwright Felipe Ossa "Monetizing Emma is an excellent choice for a night out at Fringe"  
Flavorwire interview with actors and creative team [2009]  
"engaging and clever"
Interview with playwright Felipe Ossa "This is a show that is not to be missed."  
Interview with lead Nitya Vidyasagar
In June 2010, playwright Felipe Ossa and director Leah Bonvissuto teamed up again to bring down a right-wing economist.